After watching  "Winter"  on Brain Pop Jr., you have been assigned to write about the season using some information guide from the video. Describe what it feels like to be outdoors in winter. What do you hear, smell, see, and feel during the winter?

Use the online paper provided by Brain Pop Jr. on the 'write about it' button to write your story. BE SURE TO READ IT CAREFULLY and EDIT/FIX any mistakes that you notice. Once you print your work, let me check it, then you can add your comments to the blog.
1/6/2012 01:04:22 am

I took my big dog on a walk .I saw Lukas on a walk.I saw orange pine needles.I heard Lukas talking.I felt snow flakes. I smelled sap from pine trees

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:27:47 am

I wonder if you could tell me more about each thing. You know...give me some detail! :)

Amanda A
1/6/2012 01:07:46 am

In the winter I hear the rain fall! I love it. I can taste cookies! They are delicious! I can see a fire in my fire place! It is hot! I can smell fires. It is nice. That is what I can hear, smell, taste and see in winter!

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:30:08 am

I noticed that you wrote a sentence that told how you felt about each of your prompt directions. I wonder if you could end your story with an overall sentence that would close your work without telling me that "That is what I"?

1/6/2012 01:15:04 am

Before I go on a walk I put on ski pants, boots, a hat, gloves, a scarf,and a heavy coat.I can see people having fires .I also smell smoke. I feel the deep snow. I can hear the wind swishing back and forth making snow fall off the trees.

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:31:31 am

Your last sentence has some great imagery! I also noticed that your set your entry up with some good detail about your getting ready. :)

1/6/2012 01:16:44 am

On my winter walk there would be a lot of snow.I would feel the cold fresh air.On my winter walk I would taste the snowflakes the snowflakes would be very cold.I would hear chirping.They would be talking to me.I would touch the snow.It would be so cold I might get frostbite.

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:32:57 am

You gave me some good, strong details about each of the things you would notice. I wonder if there is something you could add that would close your story out? Hopefully, it is not you getting frostbite! :)

1/6/2012 01:20:08 am

I took a walk I took my big dog with me.I saw Brett taking a walk with his Dad.My dog kept barking walking with Brett.I kept hearing barking that's all I heard.I kept putting my tongue out.I saw snow man.They had hats.I touched the trees.It got sap on my hands.It was all really sticky and I mean it.I could smell the sap.It smelled bad.

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:43:55 am

I noticed you have lots of detail to support your entry...good job! Perhaps you want to add a closing sentence that would wrap up your story. :)

1/6/2012 01:24:40 am

On my winter walk I would go with my dad.I would smell the smoke from the houses.I would see the light from the houses still. It will look pretty. I will hear the birds chirping and I would taste the yummy snow. I like it! Then i would go home and sit by the fireplace and have hot cocoa. When I warm up, I will play a game called Bobit. It would be fun!

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:45:03 am

You wound through your story with good detail and closed it out nicely too!

1/6/2012 01:25:25 am

In winter I can feel the cold snow falling on me.I could also see the snow owls in the trees.I can hear the snow bunnies hopping in the snow. Inside the house I can smell the steak cooking on the stove.

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 12:46:35 am

You have some nice images here. You are on your way! Try to make sure to use a closing statement to wrap up your story. Your reader needs to know your story ended not that you just stopped writing. :)

1/9/2012 12:53:40 am

Out side in the winter it is cold. I can feel the snow a lot. I play in the snow. I see my dad shoveling the snow off the driveway. He works hard. I smell hot coco. It smells good. I hear lots of coughs. I hear bad coughs. I love winter!

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 01:19:27 am

I hope your dad does not work too hard! Maybe you could give him a hand? Hopefully, you do not catch a cold.You took quite a jump from "I hear bad coughs" to "I love winter". Maybe you want to put a little more in between? Just to not end your entry so abruptly...

1/9/2012 12:55:29 am

In the winter, I hear the trees going back and forth.They make noise.I feel the freezing snow. My hands feel like ice cubes. I smell the smoke from the chimney. It smells good. I have hot cocoa and get warm after I have been outside.

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 01:21:07 am

You have some really good images here. Your hands feeling like ice cubes is one of them. I wish you had a closing sentence to let the reader know you ended your story rather than just stop typing when you finished your last required piece... try to close out and let your reader down easily that you are done. :)

1/9/2012 01:23:32 am

Winter is my favorite season. In winter i see snow is white. I smell the squirrels acorns.
I feel my snuggly warm pink pj's. The pj's are my favorite. I hear our pea soup bubbling in our gray pan. I taste hot cocoa. My mom makes it special for me. I love winter!

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 09:08:55 am

You have some very descriptive details. I can even see the pea soup bubbling in that gray pan! :)

1/9/2012 01:24:19 am

When I go out side I hear birds chirping. I smell hot chocolate.I see fire. I feel snow. I make snow men.

mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 09:10:30 am

you wrote to each directive in the prompt...good job! Now try to get some details in for each one too!

1/9/2012 01:26:01 am

In winter I see white snow. It is everywhere. I sometimes hear birds chirping but not a lot. Most of them migrate south. I smell the crisp, clean air. I think that the snow covers up the smell. I feel frostbite. It must be really cold! Winter is one of the best seasons!

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 09:13:08 am

It was fun working with you on this. It shows that if you can 'talk out' a can write one too!

1/9/2012 01:26:54 am

In winter it feels very cold.Little pieces of ice fall. When I go for walks I smell the chimneys.Mom and Dad look at me making a snowman. I look at them and smile. I love winter!

Mrs. Bourdon
1/9/2012 09:14:47 am

i would smile too...actually your story made me smile. Your writing makes pictures come in my head...good job!

Jake C.
1/10/2012 12:49:27 am

In winter I experience lots of things. I can hear my feet crunching on the fluffy, white snow. I can feel the strong winter breezes swinging at my face. I can taste the nice and warm, sweet hot chocolate. I can smell fresh air. I can see lots and lots of snowflakes falling from the sky. I love winter in fact it is my favorite season!

1/10/2012 12:49:32 am

When I go outside in winter I see the snow falling it looks like a sphere tennis ball.I smell the air it smells like the chimney smoke.I hear the snow like a blanket.It sounds soft.I feel the snowflakes falling on me like a soft pillow.It feels like a cotton ball.Winter is so much fun.

1/10/2012 12:53:56 am

In Winter I smell coldness in the air.The air is nippy.It makes my cheeks red.I feel snow in my hands.I also feel cold.I taste snow.Snow is good!I smell frost. I don't like frost.I hear my Dad use the snow blower.Sometimes he squirts the snow out of the snow blower at me.I try to avoid it.I LOVE Winter!

1/10/2012 01:00:12 am

In the winter I smell trees with no leaves because leaves fall off in the Fall and Winter.I hear my foot steps crunching leaves. I smell snow flakes in the breeze. I feel really cold out side.I taste hot chocolate.That is how my winter is like!!

1/10/2012 01:00:25 am

I love to go on walks in the winter.I see,smell,hear,feel and taste lots of things.I see Robins.They are a nice shade of red.I smell the clean fresh snow.I hear the wind whistling.I taste the air it taste like snow.I feel the coldness of the snow on my feet.Winter is the best time of year.

1/10/2012 01:01:38 am

In winter it feels really cold.It makes my hands cold.I can taste the snow and snowflakes in my mouth.I hear the snowballs getting throne at trees. I can smell all of the yummy cookies my mom makes for my family.They are really,really yummy.I see all of the snow falling on the ground and on my tongue.Winter is awesome!!

1/10/2012 01:09:40 am

In the winter I would feel the snowflakes touching my gloves. I would taste the food I eat. It would taste crunchy. I would smell the air whosshing by. It would smell so good. I would see the snow on the ground. I would help shovel it away. I would hear the birds migrating with their wings flapping. It would sound so great.

1/10/2012 01:14:06 am

In Winter I use my sense of touch to feel the cold snow.It feels chilly.I use my sense of my sense of taste to taste hot chocolate.It tastes warmish.In winter I use my sense of taste to taste hot chocolate. It is warmish. I use my sense of vision to see the snow near my toes. In Winter, I hear animals sleeping. It sounds like they are snoring.

1/10/2012 01:17:14 am

I can hear, smell, taste and feel in winter.I can hear the snow when I step in it.I can hear the crispy sound it makes.I can smell the pie my Mom made, the pie is cherry pie and I can smell the crisp air.I can taste the pie my Mom made and I love cherry pie.I can feel the cold snow and the warm fleece in my hat.I love winter because I can use all my five senses.

1/10/2012 01:17:35 am

In winter I smell the cookies that my mom makes. They are yummy. In winter I see my brother and I making snow forts with shovels and buckets. We play in there all day. I hear the snowplows plowing the roads and making them clean. You can use your five senses in winter.

1/10/2012 01:18:36 am

In the winter I see lots and lots of snow on the ground.I hear the trees shaking.They sound like someone raking up a lot of leaves then jumping in the pile of leaves.I feel the coldness in the air.It feels like being in a car that has an air conditioning that only goes cold.I taste the cold freezing snow.It taste like having some cold,cold,cold ice cream. I also love the smell of when my Grandma makes her home made cherry pie!!!! I LOVE Winter!!

1/10/2012 01:30:55 am

When I'm outdoors in winter. I don't smell anything because the flowers are dead! I taste snow and hot chocolate! Sometimes I see deer in my backyard. I feel cold when I am outdoors in winter. I sometimes feel snow flakes land gently on my body. I don't like the cold wet feeling.

Jake F
1/10/2012 01:31:50 am

In winter I feel cold. It feels chilly.Also I see trees with no leaves. The trees are bear in fall and winter. I smell food cooking on the insides
of my neighbor's houses. I can taste hot chocolate in my mouth. Hot! Also I can hear dogs barking at me. I like to walk in winter and see, hear, smell and feel things.

Jake M.
1/10/2012 01:33:07 am

During Winter I play outside. I see my goats cozy and warm in the barn. I smell smoke from the chimney coming from the fireplace.

1/10/2012 01:33:47 am

I can see snowflakes going on my nose.I can smell hot chocolate and it smells good. I stick my tongue out to get snowflakes. After school I get off the bus I run to my back yard to make a snowman. I can't wait until next years snow.


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