The boys and girls are working hard to publish their seasonal stories through Glogster. Glogster is a type of blog that uses graphics to help make your story come alive. On the right of this page, you can find some of our Glogs that are ready to view. Just click on the icon that represents the glog you would like to visit. The children are looking forward to hearing some of your comments...please come back to this spot to offer what you think of our glogs! :)
Mr. DellaCioppa
11/3/2011 09:15:54 am

I loved reading and listening to your Glogs. I can tell you put some thought into the writing and the art work on your Glog. Keep up the good work!
Mr. DellaCioppa

Mrs. Bourdon
11/14/2011 12:27:33 am

I like reading the glogs so far. The students worked hard to write their stories. I enjoyed seeing the art that they placed to reflect their story.

11/14/2011 12:56:41 am

I really like your glog. I like winter too! I really like your
graphics. It is awesome! I like the way you read it smoothly! Do you go skiing in winter?

11/14/2011 01:05:04 am

I like your glog because there is animation. Also like the background. You are creative! You put alot of details in your writing like how you scared your grandmother.I can't wait till your next glog.


11/14/2011 01:10:10 am

Ben,I like your details.I like the green curved lines they are cool.I like the way you read your story.I like your pictures too.I like the way you stayed to the topic of summer.I can't wait to see your next glog. Keane

11/14/2011 01:11:21 am

I like our gogs from class, especially yours.
I really like the drawing. Oh, yeah I never have
played tennis but, I want to.Good job Ben.
I bet you like your medal!


Isabella C.
11/14/2011 01:23:24 am

Your glog is really good.Your picture was cute!
You described everything.I see what you mean when you said POOR WILBER! Thank's for showing your glog to me!
Bella C.

11/14/2011 01:29:31 am

I like the animated bars that move up and down and side to side. I really liked your background.
Your glog is one of the best ones finished.
I like the way you stuck to the main idea.
One time I played tennis but I lost the game.

11/15/2011 01:04:43 am

your writing is good I never a good writer like that. What are your friends names

Amanda A
12/5/2011 10:04:47 pm

I love glogging

Jake F
12/5/2011 10:07:02 pm

I like Keanes blog because he put good

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