Homework: Due 12/16 The Hat -- By Jan Brett - Welcome to 2B!
     In class last week, we read The Hat by Jan Brett. Hedgie, her fictional hedgehog, got into such mischief when the hat got stuck on his prickles. After listening to Mrs. Bourdon read the story, we watched Jan Brett show us how to draw a hedgehog. We followed her directions and drew some really great hedgehogs. Of course, there is more to it! We are writing our own hedgehog stories and sending them out to Jan Brett to see if she would like to use any of our good ideas in her next book!

     For our blog homework this week, we need to listen to The Hat by Jan Brett again in the video below. Then, on a piece of paper, we need to compose a blog entry. The entry should focus on our favorite part of the story and why we like that part especially. Once we write our entry on paper, we need to edit and revise so that when we post our comment on the blog we have a thoughtful and error free post. Remember, for this entry, you have the entire week! MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR VERY BEST WORK and post your entry no later than Thursday night, December 16th. Of course if you have any trouble accessing the web, send in your comment all ready to go and we will see to it that you can post in class during CHOICE time.

Emily D.
12/12/2011 07:59:57

My favorite part was when Hegie said,"Don't you know that animals don't wear clothes." I thought this part was funny because the way Hegie sounded.His voice sounded like a squeaky cute voice.

Molly Moyer
12/12/2011 22:10:30

My favorite part was when hedgie got his head stuck in the sock and also at the end when the girl said to the hedgehog don't you know that animls don't wear clothes.

Emma T
12/13/2011 05:43:05

My favorite part was when Hedgie said, "Don't they know animals don't wear clothes."

Sydnee P
12/13/2011 07:21:00

My favorite part was when he told all the animals lies. That was my favorite part because the lies were really funny.

Ethan K.
12/13/2011 08:23:16

I liked when Hedgie put on the stocking. This is my favorite part because it makes me laugh. I think Hedgie looks funny with the stocking on.

12/14/2011 05:06:16

I liked the part when Hedgie said that animals don't wear clothes.I liked that part because he copyed what the boy said.

12/14/2011 05:11:58

I like the part when Hedgy said all the stuff about his new hat. When he said those things all of the other animals got all of the other clothes and used them as hats. I thought that was very funny.

12/14/2011 05:58:35

My favorite part is when Hedgy slid down when the horse was talking.

Amanda A
12/14/2011 06:05:11

My favorite part of the story was when Hege poked his little nose into the sock. I liked it because when the sock is on his head it looks cute.

12/14/2011 06:13:27

I like when Hedgy prickles got stuck in the sock and Hedgy said well I got this and I got that.I thought it was very funny.

Eli M.
12/14/2011 06:26:04

My favorite part is when all the animals were wearing Annie's clothes.
Then Hedgie said, "Don't you know that animals don't wear clothes."
That was really funny!

12/14/2011 06:32:44

My favorite part of the Hat is when Hedgie says ridiculous You look. Don't you know animals don't were clothes when he has been wearing clothes the whole time.

12/14/2011 06:51:08

My favorite part of the story was how Hedgie couldn't fit in his den.
It was kind of funny! Then he was free!

Jake F
12/14/2011 07:11:43

I like the part when hegie put on the stocking.It is my favorite part because
it looked weird with his needles poking
through the stocking.

12/14/2011 07:41:34

My favorite part of the book was when the cat asked what was the thing on Hedgie's head. I like this part because he was embarrassed with the stocking on his head.

12/14/2011 07:56:00

When the animals put on clothes is my favorite part, because I thought it was funny. It was funny to see animals wearing clothes when they are not supposed to.

Jeremy B.
12/14/2011 08:18:36

My favorite part of The Hat is when all the other animals have clothes.I like it because they said how ridiculous Hedgie looked because he had a sock on his head.Hedgie said how ridiculous THEY look.I thought it was funny!

Emma L.
12/14/2011 08:58:38

In the book called The Hat, I liked when Hedgie said he would be warm and cozy whenever it snows or rains because it is almost winter and I like winter very much.

Lucas Mello
12/14/2011 20:31:14

My favorite part is when all the animals
went to the clothes line and took the clothes off. They each took a piece of clothing and put it on. I liked that part because the animals looked ridiculous and made me laugh. Who would ever see a hedgehog wearing a sock on his head?

Howard Russell Keeler
12/15/2011 06:18:36

I like when the animals ran and said they have a beautiful hat like Hedgie. It was funny because Hedgie did it first.

12/15/2011 08:01:10

My favorite part of the story is when Lisa chases the animals.I like it because I think it is funny.

Jake C.
12/15/2011 08:11:50

My favorite part of the story is when hedgey yells at pony and she is startled. I like that part because you can tell the temper of hedgey's voice. That's why it's my favorite part of the story.

12/15/2011 08:12:50

My favorite part is when hedgey said animals don't wear clothes. I thought that was so funny.

Chris H
12/15/2011 08:32:16

My favorite part was wen the animals had clothes on Because animals dont wear clothes.

Brett S.
12/15/2011 08:39:11

My favorite part was when Hedgie said you silly animals you know you aren't suppose to wear clothes.

12/15/2011 09:00:44

My favorite part was when the girl was chasing him and Hegie thought in his
head Oh no even the girl is laughing
at me.I liked it because he was tired of
eveyone laughing at him.

Isabella C.
12/15/2011 19:36:43

I liked the part when all of the animals took the clothes from the clothes line. The reason I liked that was because the animals all looked funny.

Hailey Andrews
12/15/2011 22:16:01

My favorite part of the story was when the other animals laughed at Hedgie because his excuses were funny.

12/17/2011 09:17:18

I liked the part when hedgei put on the hat and said it was his hat.I also liked the part when hedgei said"Dont you know that animals dont were cloths".

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