In class last week, we read The Hat by Jan Brett. Hedgie, her fictional hedgehog, got into such mischief when the hat got stuck on his prickles. After listening to Mrs. Bourdon read the story, we watched Jan Brett show us how to draw a hedgehog. We followed her directions and drew some really great hedgehogs. Of course, there is more to it! We are writing our own hedgehog stories and sending them out to Jan Brett to see if she would like to use any of our good ideas in her next book!

     For our blog homework this week, we need to listen to The Hat by Jan Brett again in the video below. Then, on a piece of paper, we need to compose a blog entry. The entry should focus on our favorite part of the story and why we like that part especially. Once we write our entry on paper, we need to edit and revise so that when we post our comment on the blog we have a thoughtful and error free post. Remember, for this entry, you have the entire week! MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR VERY BEST WORK and post your entry no later than Thursday night, December 16th. Of course if you have any trouble accessing the web, send in your comment all ready to go and we will see to it that you can post in class during CHOICE time.

Jan Brett Blog


_ December 5th Blog Homework

Please watch the video below and listen carefully to what Jan Brett has to say about her work as an author/illustrator.  Do you want to know more? Think about what you would like to ask her related to the information you hear in the video. You can watch the video again if you need to as it is important to stay on topic. Please write your question down on paper, edit it and revise before you post your question in the comment section of this blog. Other people will be reading your work and you want it to look carefully and thoughtfully done! For Internet safety, make sure to use only your first name or your initials when you enter your comment. As we run a 'gated' blog, your comment will show up as soon as we approve it.

                      Click on the word "COMMENTS" at the top right to post your question.
                              Your question will appear below the video after you post.